2016 Call for Abstracts

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Last year's symposium topped all previous attendance records, and set the bench mark for scientific excellence. The 2016 meeting promises to meet, and surpass, these high standards! The 2016 MHSRS will offer more simultaneous sessions and include new breakout session topics such as Precision Medicine and Women's Health. Due to the popularity of 2015's tract offering, tract presentations in 2016 will be offered in the areas of Infectious Disease, Neurotrauma / Traumatic Brain Injury, Psychological Health, and Injury Prevention.

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The 2016 MHSRS will be held at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center,
Kissimmee, FL from 15-18 Aug 2016.

Note: The hotel is holding a block of rooms which will not be available until meeting registration opens. Until that time, the hotel will inform any callers that they are sold out.

Meeting and hotel registration will NOT be available until the mid July timeframe.

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You MUST be registered with the MHSRS Website in order to register for the meeting and make hotel reservations.
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The 2016 MHSRS Call for Awards
2 May to 30 June 2016

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