Meeting Registration for the 2019 MHSRS opens on 13 June at 1200 EST.

You must pay your registration fee online at the time of registration.   

The 2019 registration fees are:

  Full Symposium Attendance One-Day Attendance
Active Duty Military* $450 $300
Reserve or National Guard* $450 $300
Government Civilian/Employee* $450$300
Non-government Civilian** $650$435
Contractor** $650$435

* Requires a valid US government-issued CAC card (white card with chip, no colored stripe), or foreign military/government equivalent when picking up your badge.
** Requires a government-issued ID (CAC card with green or blue stripe, Drivers License, Passport, etc.) when picking up your badge

You will not receive access to the hotel reservation link until registration and payment are complete.  There is no "pay later" option. Do not begin registration until you have payment in hand.

To register for MHSRS, there are two payment options:

  1. Credit card (your card or the card of the person responsible for paying for your registration fee)
  2. Payment Token

What is a Token?

Tokens are unique codes issued by the MHSRS badge registration manager for groups of 5 or more individuals.

I am trying to register myself and don't have a credit card - how do I obtain a Token?
Contact the person responsible for paying for your Group's registration fees.

I need to pay for a group of individuals and I don't want to give them my credit card number. What do I do?

  1. Either obtain and distribute a Token (see more information below) or;
  2. Register all group members yourself and send the individuals their registration confirmations.

I want to obtain and distribute a Token to the group of individuals I am paying for. How do I do that?

  1. Request for group "Tokens" through: beginning May 1, 2019;
  2. Receive the Token via email, typically within 2 business days of application.  Peak times can require up to one week for processing;
  3. Distribute Token to individuals in the group you are paying for;
  4. Instruct individuals to register themselves, entering the Token you have provided them when prompted for payment;
  5. An invoice will arrive automatically for each individual to the email addresses submitted with each registration.

NOTE: Changes to payment method made after your registration is processed will incur a $50 administrative fee, charged to the original credit card.
Refunds due to cancelation incur a processing fee of $50 through 31 July.  After July 31, there are no refunds for those who don't send a substitute or don't attend.